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The Andalusian Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, S.A.A.B.

The Andalusian Society BA, SAAB It is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1985 from the first training group in BA in Andalusia.

Andalusian society is a member of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), founded in 1965 by Alexander Lowen. The IIBA is an organization of psychotherapists trained in bioenergetic analysis that currently has 54 societies distributed throughout the world: Europe, North America, South America and New Zealand. In Europe most of societies are included in the European Federation for Bioenergetic Analysis-Psychotherapy (EFBA-P).

The SAAB's objectives are the promotion, dissemination, training and research in B.A. To reach these objetives we perform seminars, meetings, conferences and training groups and we participate in national and international meetings.

At this time we are helping to form a fifth training on which information can be found on the corresponding pages.

The Statutes of our Society establish its activities and ensure its commitment to the purposes intended. In DOCUMENTS the complete statutes can be downloaded. This includes the points that we think are worth highlighting:
  • a)share and exchange experiences, achievements and research in the Professional Practice of Psychotherapy and BA.
  • b) Disseminate knowledge and skills of B.A.
  • c) Conduct training of Bioenergetic Analysis Therapists (CBT) in accordance with the rules of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis of New York (IIBA).
  • d) Ensure the practice of psychotherapy and the BA of the members of the SAAB meets the standards established in its Code of Ethics.
To fulfill these purposes the following activities are made:
  • a) Conferences, workshops, dissemination events and training courses of BA of Psychotherapists.
  • b) Training courses for members of this Association
  • c) Publication of information bulletins and magazines.
  • d)Commissions of inquiry topics of interest related to BA.
  • e) A Deontological Committee

How to join the society?

There are two common forms of participation:
  • NUMERARY MEMBERS: Those who are recognized by the Board and are in possession of BA Therapist Certificate(CBT).

  • ACTIVE MEMBERS: Those who are in training regulated by the IIBA and accepted by the Board as such.
Once admitted into society partners must make annual contributions, which are different for each type of partner, and participate in society activities.

The SAAB, like the International Institute has a Code of Ethics that all members should respect DOCUMENTS

Where we are:

C / Muñoz Olivé 2 3 º Left
Province: SEVILLA C.P: 41002
Tel: 954227396

COMMENTS: Although consign our headquarters, we are not a unique center, but professionals located in different provinces and areas of Andalucía. See the page Members. Thank you.